Who is boxer Anthony Taylor? Ashley Rak-Su defeated by Anthony Taylor

Who is boxer Anthony Taylor

Who is boxer Anthony Taylor? Ashley Rak-Su defeated by Anthony Taylor – After KSI’s spectacular two-fight night in August, Misfits Boxing is returning tonight for a follow-up. Tonight’s event in Sheffield is led by Jay Swingler and the Cherdleys, with Slim and Ryan Taylor deftly assisting try to resolve their feud. Perhaps the most fascinating fight was between OnlyFans stars Astrid Wett and TokToker Keeley.

Anthony Taylor will also be on the field against X Factor champion Anthony Rak-Su, while JMX will take on Ginty and Halam Ham will be back in the ring to take on DTG. The battle map has been knocked out a bit, but there should still be a lot of action.

Anthony Taylor beats Ashley Laksu on points. All three judges gave Taylor the nod at 30-26, 30-26 and 30-26.

Taylor worked physically while trying to finish the show. With nothing left, Rak-Su looked content to see rounds and fights. We actually went to three judges. You can’t get it wrong, can you? !

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Tyler started strong again, grabbing Laksu with his right hand and pushing his opponent to the canvas. Tyler is in complete control and will be disappointed if he can’t get his people out of here. We enter the third round.

RAK-SU is out! In the opening 10 seconds, Taylor was fliers. Taylor looked comfortable, as expected, but Laxus has recovered well from the knockout. However, he was against it, with two laps to go.

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