Reddit crime Magazine revealed Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Photos and a Refrigerator

Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Photos and a Refrigerator

Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Photos and a Refrigerator – Images of Jeffrey Dahmer’s refrigerator full of body parts and gruesome photos of victims have leaked online as the Netflix documentary about him continues to gain steam.

Trigger Warning: The following articles contain topics that you may find disturbing to read. Caution is advised.

The serial killer who killed 17 men and boys put three heads in the fridge of his fly-infested apartment, according to the Associated Press. Some sources also claim that a human heart was found in his refrigerator.

Recently, a photo of a Dahmer refrigerator surfaced and circulated on the Internet. In the Reddit post viewable via this link, it appears that the body part is covered with a cloth and stored in the refrigerator.

Jeffrey Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, reportedly liked to experiment on the corpses of his victims while they were still alive. He drilled holes in their skulls and injected hydrochloric acid into their brains.

According to the Associated Press, law enforcement found 11 skulls in Dahmer’s filing cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and closets. Three headless torsos were also found in the bedroom. The Independent reported that the fridge contained body parts for Dahmer to eat.

In an interview with Rover Morning Glory, Detective Patrick Kennedy said he saw a “bloodless human head” in Dahmer’s refrigerator. He says:

“When I looked inside the refrigerator, it was a clean and empty refrigerator, except for an open box of Arm & Hammer soda in the back, and this box in the middle contained this freshly severed, bloodless head.”
He further elaborated:

“It was a black man with his eyes and mouth open and his expression was almost excited or surprised. So when I saw it, I could say I’ve been a police officer for years and I’ve seen some horrible things.”

Despite the endless complaints of Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbors about the unpleasant smell in their area, the serial killer managed to get out of the way, claiming that his refrigerator was broken, causing him to stockpile meat rot.

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