REAL REASON John Boyega Only Dates Black Women Explained

John boyega

British actor John boyega is a young brother that I really like and one of the reasons why I like him not only is he a good actor he is an activist.

John boyega
John boyega,who’s girlfriend

You know a lot of the young brothers and brothers today the van Jones you know guys like this Jamie Foxx they do one thing that really irks me they talk black they sleep White okay now when you talk black for somebody like me you talk about the empowerment of the black.

Community you talk about um how much you know black means to you you know the Dame Johns the Damon dashes and all that you know these guys who really talk about black issues okay and when you talk about those issues and then I see you with somebody that’s not black.

it’s really disheartening for me and the reason why is because I live this lifestyle Byron now is another I lived in Europe for seven years never touching anybody outside of the African diaspora all because of what being black meant to me says something that’s controversial he says he only dates black it’s about chemistry personality goals and synergy he’s disciplined in the kind of woman, He wants and it’s easier for him to date black women.

Elaborate How He Explained

understands what he’s getting into they have similar backgrounds realities and understandings of non-verbal and social cues now I want to talk about this very elaborate how he explained it okay.

Why John boyega can go with what he’s talking about and why it may be difficult for some black men let me say.

Number one  John boyega is a celebrity, he is from London being from London although the UK is very westernized. it’s going to be very easy for him to deal with women who still have some culture intact especially Nigerian British African. British that’s a lot different than what some of the brothers are dealing with in the states okay.

Number two he is a celebrity all right and his parents have been together for 30 years and this is very easy for him to be with the black woman who has that similar background, okay so being black and only dating black queens is not that bad when you have achieved a certain level of success.

I believe that the issue comes in with the working class in middle class black men here’s where the rubber is going to meet the role for certain Brothers a lot of brothers who are not in the higher social economic classes may not have the same experience ever the John boyega I’m not saying that they can’t because I believe that they can but the reason is for other reasons.

John boyega has left out any fact or any idea that I can even creep up on dating somebody white same thing with me. I have not even allowed that to become a possibility so I don’t even really know what to compare it to. I just hear from what you guys tell me but for me in order for me to deal with something it has to be black it has to be an African-American Community or it has to be African that’s the only thing that I’m looking for I’m not looking for nothing else so it forces you to deal with your own community for other black men though may not see it that way.

and this is where a lot of black men are in the middle and I want to tell black women that not every black man is going to be like John boyega  and every black man not gonna be like O’Shea or Dr Umar Johnson they’re gonna be some black men are going to be like well I’m not gonna just deal with you because you’re black I’m gonna deal with you because you’re good and I think here are the kind of guys that we are losing in Black America in the black world because see if we just deal with black people for the fact that they’re blacking that we love them what is the incentive for them to be good what is the incentive for the black man to actually come to table or something or the black woman so now what’s happening is a lot of black men who don’t see it quite as effective for saying hey I don’t give a damn about social cues.

I don’t care about non-verbal communication if the woman don’t respect me if she don’t have respect for black men if she doesn’t understand her role in the relationship if she doesn’t like male leadership. Hey listen it don’t matter because if I’m not going to get respected I don’t care nothing about realities and understanding the non-verbal cues on social cues because she needs to have the reality of understanding me as a man and if she can’t do that.

I can’t deal with her whereas a lot of brothers who are coming from a little bit more of a professional background are more of a socio-economic advantage, they have the ability to say, listen I’m already desired so if you’re not going to do something. you’re gone. Some of the brothers in the middle class may not be able to make that statement which is why a lot of guys from the middle class and some to be upper middle class are shopping themselves on the market.

I’m just going to be real a lot of black men depending on their mentality and depending on what their pocketbook says and where they can go you know let me just tell you this having money in affluence really helps the ability of people that you can date. You can do more things you’re attracted to higher quality of people, if you’re the working class or middle class guy and there’s nothing wrong with that because our middle class is great but those black men are not getting the same opportunities as somebody like John boyega.

If they only deal with folks in the black race they may never get that kind of wife that they want because it it depends on so many factors, think about this I’m from Sacramento has a lot of nice people a lot of nice um black women Sacramento but the city is big in land mass and very spread out, it’s about triple the size and landmass of San Francisco you are more likely to run into more white women than black women NFC Sacramento.

Especially if you’re a guy and you’re doing very well, the reality of the situation, this is what guys are talking about, so running into a black woman you’re gonna be very intentional you’re also coming across a lot of ladies with kids you’re also coming across a lot of different issues.

if you’re just dealing in Sacramento but now if you’re fluent you don’t have to stay in your city you’re dealing with LA you’re dealing with Oakland you’re dealing with Portland you can cash in a little bit wider and that’s why some of the guys like John boyega and Dr Umar can say I’m dealing with black women because obviously you’re seeing the best opportunities.

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