Mike Schank death: Mike Schank, American Guitarist, Filmmaker, Musician died at 56, Obituary

Mike Schank death: Mike Schank, American Guitarist, Filmmaker, Musician died at 56, Obituary – Mike Schank Death – Mike Schank Dead 56, Cause Of Death Revealed, American Movie Actor & guitarist, RIP WHOLE TRUTH. Mike Schank is an American guitarist who was born in 1966. He helped independent filmmaker Mark Borchardt create the short film Coven and they are great friends. Alongside Borchardt, he also had an appearance in the 1999 documentary film American Movie, for which he also contributed music. Songs I Know is the CD he has recorded. In a Family Guy episode, he portrayed himself, and in Storytelling, he was a cameraman. Mike and Mark have their own show on Zero TV called Mark and Mike. In 2006, on Halloween night, Mark and Mike hosted a special for national television called Night of the Living Dead: LIVE from Wisconsin.

Renowned American guitarist, filmmaker, musician has passed away unexpectedly. Mike Schank from Milwaukee, Wisconsin died early this morning, Thursday, the 13th of October 2022 in his mother’s arms. He was 56 years old. Mikel Joseph Schank was such an important person in my life. Most of my journey these past 8 years include him. He was the foundation of the Alano Club and a staple in so many’s recovery.
It is with a very heavy and broken heart that I must make this post. I recieved the phone call early this morning and have just been sent home from work, still crippled with an aching heart and bouts of tears that take my breath away. Mikel Joseph Schank passed away early this morning in his mother’s arms. He immediately went on to meet his father and sister who he has missed for a very long time. He was very uncomfortable these last few days, and is in a much better place now.

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