Marianne Shockley found dead and obituary, Leaked Reddit history

Marianne Shockley found dead and obituary

Marianne Shockley found dead and obituary – A University of Georgia professor was discovered dead in a hot tub with his head severed, according to shocking new information. A guy present at the scene of the woman’s death later committed himself, according to the lone survivor of the mystery party, who said that “the devil was at work” on the night of the woman’s death.

According to CBS, on the tragic night of May 11, 2019, University of Georgia professor Marian Shockley and boyfriend Marcus Lillard enjoyed the heat at their mutual friend Clark Heindell’s home in Georgia. water tub.

It will be his last night out with his girlfriend, and Lillard says the two are “crazy in love.” Lillard, the only survivor at the scene, told CBS’ “48” show: “The devil is at work. I mean, anything he can do to confuse and deceive this, and it’s all in There.”

When police arrived on the scene, Heindell told them he didn’t get into the hot tub, but stayed in the shallow end of the pool. Heindel, a 69-year-old former psychologist who was 30 years older than the couple, committed suicide when the investigation began that night.

Heindell left a three-page suicide note that took no responsibility for the woman’s drowning death. Lillard has been drinking and ecstatic with Heindell, which he claims has led to only vague memories of last night with his girlfriend.

When he wanted to explore the woods during his orgasm, Shockley urged him to stay with her.

“Baby… now come back to that water with me,” Lillard told CBS Shockley imploring him. “There was fear in her voice, and it was … absolutely fear,” he said.

When asked why he didn’t comply with her request, Lillard simply said, “Because I’m an idiot.” He claimed he didn’t know what caused her panic or how long he had been in the forest. .

Still, when he returned to the hot tub, “I could see Marianne down under water, from chin to nose…” Her head was also reportedly ripped off when she found her lifeless body Cracked.

Authorities estimated the men waited about two hours before calling the police. Initially, both Lillard and Heindell were listed as suspects, but the investigation focused on Lillard as the main suspect. Shockley’s cause of death was ruled by the coroner as strangulation, and Lillard was charged with felony murder and additional charges in the death of his girlfriend.


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