Kobe Bryant Death Pictures leaked Widow, Awarded $16m (£13.5m)

Kobe Bryant Death Pictures

Kobe Bryant Death Pictures leaked Widow, Awarded $16m (£13.5m) It was said in court that a sheriff’s deputy showed photos of Kobe Bryant’s body to a bartender while he was drinking and that firefighters passed them around at a banquet.

Kobe Bryant’s widow has been awarded $16m (£13.5m) following the release of graphic images taken by first responders at the scene of the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of the basketball player, his teenage daughter, and seven others.

Kobe Bryant Death Pictures

Kobe Bryant, Mrs. Bryant’s 41-year-old husband, their 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and six friends were all killed in a helicopter crash in California in January 2020. In the accident, Mr. Chester lost his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Payton.

Kobe Bryant Death Pictures
Kobe Bryant Death Pictures

The families of the victims are furious over a report in the Los Angeles Times that claims county employees took photos at the crash site and distributed them to others.

The two families who lost loved ones in the accident were awarded $2.5 million (£2.1 million) in November for emotional distress, but Mrs. Bryant refused to accept the settlement and has continued to sue the county.

Mrs. Bryant broke down in court last week as she testified about how she was at home with her other children when she read the LA Times story.

The jury agreed with Vanessa Bryant and her attorneys that her privacy had been violated when deputies and firefighters took and distributed photographs of her and her daughter Gianna’s skeletal remains.

During the 11-day trial, Ms. Bryant testified through tears that learning about the photos only added to her anguish over the deaths of her husband and daughter.

A month after the crash, Ms. Bryant testified for more than three hours on Friday, saying that she wanted to begin grieving the loss of her husband and daughter but was instead confronted with “fresh horror” when she learned of the leaked photos.

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