Jimbo Doares, The Swingin’ Medallions mem. & guitarist reportedly died, Death, Exited

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Jimbo Doares Death – Jimbo Doares, an original member and the guitarist for The Swingin’ Medallions from Greenwood, SC.reportedly passed away unexpectedly. According to a social media sharing by Swingin’ Medallions, ”We are saddened to say that we have lost one of our own, Jimbo Doares”.He recorded the guitar tracks for their classic 1966 hit songs, ‘Double Shot of My Baby’s Love’ and ‘She Drives Me Out of My Mind’

Swingin’ Medallion mourn the loss of Jimbo Doares, they wrote, ”Jimbo Doares was an Original Swingin’ Medallion and the guitar player that recorded “Double Shot”, along with countless other Medallion songs. Jimbo, along with John, Joe, Jimmy, Brent, Carroll, Charlie, and Steve were the recipients of what happens when the musical skies part and a band captures the proverbial lightning in a jar. This doesn’t happen often and it for sure doesn’t happen for many bands.

Jimbo joined the Swingin’ Medallions in early 1966. Jimbo’s first show was in Legion Field in Birmingham, AL, on a Saturday night. He had just joined the Band on guitar and we had no rehearsal, so John, Jimbo (and his guitar), and Jimmy Perkins rode together in one car so they could rehearse the songs on the six hour drive to Birmingham.

The show was a feature of famous DJ Duke Rumore of WYDE radio. The auditorium was packed. The Band was nervous. It was their first show with Jimbo and Jimmy Perkins. Joe, John, Carroll, Brent, Charlie and Steve were on edge. We did not have time to do a quick run-through, we only had time to set-up and start playing.

The first song went well and things lightened up a bit as Charlie started his clowning around with Jimbo. These two clowning around with each other would continue for years to come and would become an important part of our show. The rest of the show went well and this was the beginning of the guys that finally recorded “Double Shot”.

Jimbo immediately moved up to a big redish/orange Les Paul guitar which he was constantly trying to keep in tune. He loved that guitar although he claimed it had a warped neck.

A few months later they recorded “Double Shot” and the rest is history. Jimbo’s favorite song must have been “Wooly Bully” (from Sam the Sham) because he insisted on playing it at every show, and of course he and Charlie put on their show.

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