James Woodson & John of Salisbury, NC died in DUI accident, Obituary

James Woodson Death – James ‘Jay’ Woodson and his twin brother, John Woodson of Salisbury, North Carolina, died in a DUI car accident while coming from Frye Skate Rink, in Concord, North Carolina, on September 20, 2022, according to an online sharingMy heart so sad both brother killed in car accident coming from Frye Skate Rink. They are apart of my Skate Family…the nicest twins on skates. Praying for The Woodson Family”

John and Jay Woodson known as “The Regala Twins” who were great skate instructors at America Jamskaters and talented actors of Meroney Theater, Piedmont Players Theatre were pronounced dead from injuries sustained in the crash. Further information on the crash is yet to be learned.

John and James Woodson were a graduate of North High School. Family and loved ones mourn the loss of their beloved friend, James Woodson who has sadly passed away untimely. James Woodson’s absence has left friends, and family in the community heartbroken as they mourn his unexpected passing.


“To all my AMERICA JAMSKATERS AND FACEBOOK FRIENDS,take the time to send your Prayers and Condolences to JAY and JOHN WOODSON. These Two Skating Ambassadors for KATES SKATING RINK,we’re taken from there FAMILY-SKATING FAMILY AND THE CHARLOTTE COMMUNITY to soon. UNCLE JAMM/CEO OF AMERICA JAMSKATERS”

“The most talented, kind, funny, thoughtful and generous souls Jay and John Woodson will always be remembered. Thank you for lighting up our hearts and our lives. Know that I’ll always be incredibly proud of you now dance with the angels.”

I subbed in the school system for years. Loved every minute of it and had great relationship with all the kids. A lot would skip another class to come be in my class to do there work.

I had the principal at North High School come and say is it alright if this kid or that kid to come be in your class because they know you here and seem to only do there work or listen when your here true story.

But anyway I love meeting and interacting with the kids. But these Twins never fail would definitely drop by just to see me and when they enter the room you knew who they were they were larger than life and they knew it.

They always started out with hey Ms. Regala ( in there crazy voices and loud) and I would say oh here goes the Regala Twins ( in side joke) but they were no regular twins they were so sweet, humble, respectful, funny,show stoppers, and also family.

I am sending my heart felt condolences to Cassandra Woodson and family long live James and John ( The Regala Twins)”

Further information on James’s passing will be updated on this article as soon as confirmed.

James Woodson obituary is not available at the time of this publication.

Below is an obituary with similar name (James Woodson)

James H Woodson obituary – James Horner Woodson, aged 89, of Birmingham, Alabama, died on June 30, 2022, of Alzheimer’s Disease. We have lost a man of great intellect, a champion for fairness, an avid reader of history, an enormous sense of humor and an appreciator of the ridiculousness of life.

He was a student of the world, endlessly interested in other cultures and people. His family and friends will remember him most for his booming laughter and astonishing memory for silly song lyrics, ditties, and ads from 60 years ago or more.

Jim Woodson was born on June 20, 1933, in Nashville, Tennessee, the only surviving son of Thomas Milton Woodson and Ruby Lauis Horner. He was extremely proud of his ancestor, Dr. John Woodson, who immigrated from England to the Jamestown settlement in New World in 1619, and all the generations who followed.

One of his favorite family stories was about the day of a Native American attack on Dr. John’s home in 1644 that resulted in Dr. John’s death. His wife Sarah saved their two sons by hiding young John under a washtub and young Robert in a potato cellar.

The Woodsons still refer to themselves as Tater Holes (descending from Robert) or Tubs (descending from John). Jim was a Tater Hole, sharing Robert as an ancestor with American celebrities such as Dolley Madison, and Frank and Jesse James. Click here for more.

James Woodson & John of Salisbury, NC died in DUI accident, Obituary

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