Jalen Hill, UCLA men’s Bruins basketball player died at 22, Death

Jalen Hill Death – Jalen Hill of Corona, Calif, former Ballislife All-American, and UCLA player reportedly passed away at the age of 22. Jalen Hill, who was a talented basketball player was born in 1999. He enrolled at Centennial High School.

As a recruit, 247Sports.com ranked him 73rd nationally, 17th as a power forward, and the 9th best basketball prospect in CA for the class of 2017. They also gave him a composite score of 0.9726.

In 2021, he announced he was retiring from the game of basketball. He also said this in the announcement:
“Like, I never felt this happy before in my life. Like, I just wake up and I’m just happy to be alive and it sounds crazy to say but it’s just true and I’ve never felt like this in my life and it was hard for me to go back to the team when I was trying to go back to a past life when I was trying to live up to somebody’s expectations of me, trying to live up to somebody’s perception of how my life should be instead of just being who I am.”

“That’s the greatest gift you could ever give to anybody is just being who you are and I was doing stuff that was not me, so when I figured out that I couldn’t really go back, especially all the good stuff that’s been happening to me recently.”

“For the people that have anxiety and depression problems, feel free to hit me up if you don’t have anybody else to talk to. “I ain’t saying I have everything figured out — I don’t have the keys or anything like that — but I’ve for sure been through it and I do have some wisdom on all the mental health problems.”

An official obituary for Jalen Hill is unavailable at this time of publication.

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