Fiery semi crash shuts down northbound side of Buckman Bridge

Fiery semi crash shuts down northbound side of Buckman Bridge – JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The northbound side of the Buckman Bridge was shut down Friday morning because of a fiery crash involving two tractor-trailers. One of the semis had “Hazmat material” on it, and because firefighters used water to douse the blaze, the city’s biohazard team was called in to make sure the material doesn’t run off into the St. Johns River, according to a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue spokesperson.
Capt. Eric Prosswimmer said no one was transported from the crash, which was at the beginning of the northbound side of the bridge.
He said a semi hit another tractor-trailer that had been left on the bridge from a previous wreck Thursday night.
Both trucks burned in the crash Friday morning.
The smoke was so bad at one point that it closed one of the lanes on the southbound side of the bridge also.
Traffic from I-295 on the northbound side is being diverted onto San Jose Boulevard before the bridge.

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