Debbie Tomlinson obituary and death, Carolina porch deck – Passed away

Debbie Tomlinson obituary and death, Carolina porch deck – Passed away A northern woman has been rescued when a bear climbed on the porch of her holiday home and tried to steal her bird feeder. Last week, Debbie Tomlinson, a former teacher from Greenville County, South Carolina, and her husband from Simpsonville were at their apartment in Sapphire, North Carolina, when she said her husband called her to say there was a bear on the porch.

After picking up her phone to watch the video, she said she saw “a nursing mother bear with her cubs foraging in the foliage below”.

“I’m a bird watcher, so I have bird feeders outside, but because of the bears, I always bring them in at night,” Tomlinson said. But on this particular night, she wasn’t brought into the feeding trough.

The video shows the bear climbing a tall pillar on the porch deck and over the railing to the aviary.

Tomlinson knocked hard on the glass door she was standing behind, but the bear was on a mission.

“That’s not right,” Tomlinson said.

After a few more punches, Tomlinson made her “teacher’s voice,” she said.

“I opened the door and led her downstairs,” she said, her voice firm and commanding.

“Well, of course (I use that voice) she said. “It works every time. I am not afraid. I just don’t want to lose my feeder. That was so exciting. “

Tomlinson said she taught at Southside High School in the late 1970s and later worked at Hillcrest Middle School, Mauldin High School and Greer High School.

The bears in the North Carolina mountains are active this time of year, Tomlinson said.

“Last year we saw a mum and three cubs roaming the yard next to the apartment,” she said. “We also locked the doors. Bears know how to open them,” she said.

Tomlinson posted the video on her Facebook page, calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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