Adriana twitchcon foam pit, Twitch Silent on TwitchCon Foam Pit Injuries

Adriana twitchcon foam pit, Twitch Silent on TwitchCon Foam Pit Injuries

Adriana twitchcon foam pit, Twitch Silent on TwitchCon Foam Pit Injuries – If you only follow Twitch’s official page, you’d never know that something horrific happened last weekend at the TwitchCon bubble pit. Over the last several days, the streaming company has been emphasizing the happy moments in its hallmark phone conversations on its social media channels, avoiding to answer questions about the bubble pit or comment on the status of streamer and adult actress Adriana Chechik, who fractured her two. This week, a five-hour procedure was conducted to treat it.

While it’s somewhat understandable not to comment publicly on Chechik’s injuries — lawyers who spoke with Gizmodo about the case say it’s not surprising — it seems shocking and callous that the streaming platform didn’t even contact Chechik privately . On Wednesday, the streamer revealed that no one from Twitch, the convention center that hosts TwitchCon, or Lenovo, the company that used the bubble pit to sponsor the booth, had contacted her — not even a single wish for a speedy recovery.

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“I find it odd that no one from any convention center, booth, or twitch has any blessings or words,” Chechic tweeted after the five-and-a-half-hour surgery. “I don’t talk openly about it, but it’s kind of bad that I haven’t had a good word yet.”

Gizmodo commented on Chechik’s case and other reported bubble pit injuries several times this week on Twitch, but was either referred to Lenovo or told the company doesn’t comment on the incident. When we last asked for comment on Thursday, Twitch received no response at all.

Meanwhile, Lenovo told Gizmodo on Monday that it was aware of some streamers injured in the bubble pit at TwitchCon and was working with event organizers to investigate those incidents. It hasn’t responded to repeated requests for comment since then, not even those who wondered if Intel was a co-sponsor of its TwitchCon booth and bubble pit, as its logo was highlighted. Intel told Gizmodo on Thursday that it had no comment and referred us to Lenovo.

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