Adam Brimeyer of Ames, Iowa, talented Guitarist passed away, Obituary, Exited

Adam Brimeyer Death – Adam Brimeyer of Ames, Iowa, a Guitar Player at Electric Jury has reportedly passed away, according to an online sharing by a loved one on Monday, September 26, 2022. Family and friends mourn the unexpected loss of Adam Brimeyer, a great and amazing friend to many who sadly died.

Adam Brimeyer’s absence has left friends, and family in the community heartbroken as they took to social media to mourn his passing. Below are sharing, condolences, and tributes from loved ones of Adam Brimeyer.

“I’m devastated like everyone whose life Adam Brimeyer touched and left the better for it. I’ve been reeling from the helplessness and sheer cosmic injustice of his passing. Adam was one of the best people I’ve had the privilege to know and consider among my all-time best friends.”

“Recounting the mile-long list of Adam’s incredible qualities wouldn’t begin to approach properly conveying the beautiful human he was and just how his loving and generous spirit touched and changed the lives of those he came in contact with.”

“Nonetheless, I keep thinking about how his prodigious imagination and intellect combined with his tremendous yet humble empathy to produce a man who was passionately driven to serve those around him and to point his copious talents toward facilitating others’ happiness.”

“As the hands-down best sound engineer around, he tirelessly (even when it made him really tired) poured himself into bringing people together and assembling beautiful experiences for them. His masterful ability, infinite patience, and deceptively diplomatic forthrightness shepherded countless clueless bumbling local artists along in their craft and carefully nurtured a love of music in his community.”

“As my Game Master, needless to say, the hands-down best one, Adam loved to bring together his people and devoted incredible time, effort, and of course, his immense imagination, to crafting beautiful worlds for his friends to immerse themselves in, to play pretend and weave stories together, and have some of the most magical interactions and experiences it is possible to have.”

“Of course, the music he made likewise served to create something memorable for others, a show, an event, that would leave their lives enriched.”

“It goes on and on, as Adam’s unassuming empathy, love and loyalty for his friends, and unwavering drive to help, to be there for others, to be a real, tangible, force for good (no hyperbole) extended into every facet of his life, and made him into a tireless champion, a linchpin, for so many people.”

“This keeps running through my mind as it rebels against reality, insistently suggesting that this can’t be right, he’s supposed to be there, part of the natural essential fabric of things, that he was too good, too needed, integral.”

“Isn’t a linchpin indispensable? I keep circling in on the thought of how utterly wrong and senseless it is, how capriciously backward. I hadn’t seen him enough lately, and I hate that that’s all there is.”

“Adam and I always came together on, well, tons of stuff; ideology, philosophy, shared tastes and sensibilities, humor, etc. But practically, our interactions happened in the framework of activities, as people who loved trying to make something with others.”

“It had been a while, and I always had in the back of my mind that any time now I was going to figure out how to make the timing work again for tabletop roleplaying, so we could *do a thing* together.”

“The knowledge that that’s all there is leaves a gaping hole inside me, even as I remember the ridiculous, inordinate amounts of joy he engendered in my life over the years. Oh yeah, also he was hilarious and an *incredible* laugher. But the list really doesn’t end, though these are the thoughts for now”

Further information on Adam Brimeyer’s passing will be updated upon confirmation.

The details surrounding Adam’s cause of death are unknown to us at this time as it was not made public by the family at the time of this publication.

An official obituary for Adam Brimeyer is yet to be noticed by us at the time of this publication.

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